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This site contains educational things done for young people, their parents & their grandparents everywhere.

This site is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 provides several links to that which will increase your knowledge of lots of different stuff and things that are just fun to do.

Part 2 offers the basics of Arithmetic and introduction levels of Algebra and Geometry.

If you want to explore the "just fun things", just keep scrolling down. If you are interested in the math stuff, you can scroll way down OR just CLICK HERE.

Part 1: Just Stuff For Fun:

Our Universe
Is Time Travel Possible?
A Journey To The Center Of The Earth
How and Why Hurricanes Spin
Learn the ABC's in American Sign Language
Having Fun With Geography.
How Many Planets Are There REALLY In Our Solar System ?
A Different Look At Yellowstone National Park
What's a Mobius Strip?
Turn Your Watch Into A Compass
Be Nice To Your Plants
Is the North Pole Really the South Pole?
All About Rainbows
Want To See How To Bend Water?
How Far Can You See?
How and What Do We Hear?
Fun With Speed
Fun With Proving the Earth is Round
How Do We Really Know That The Earth Revolves Around the Sun?
How Does An Airplane Fly?
Fun With Trivia About All Kinds Of Stuff
Fun With Learning The Many Different Group Names Of Animals
Household Hints To Share With Your Parents
This Is Cool Stuff - BUT, Check With Your Parents First
Amazing Things You Never Knew
More Amazing Things You Never Knew
Can You Add Weight To Something Just By Holding It?

Before getting into lots of different math stuff, sometimes it good to take a short break. So, take a break.

Click Here for some break time.

Now that your break is over, Click Here.

Part 2: Math Stuff:

Check this out before going any farther.

In the presentation immediately above I offered "Everybody is smater than everybody else at something . . ." even if people don't recognize it at first, or ever, or feel it is not important. I captured a video that offers hope to those who may feel "not up to par" with others - this could be you or someone you know. Watch the video and then come back here.

Except for the first link below, each additional link has information that needs what you've learned from the previous subject(s).

The first one is an introduction to adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. You probaly already know how to do these. But, read through it anyway; it may have some things about which you are unaware and things you might find fun to know.

An Introduction to Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing
Introduction to Fractions and Decimals
Introduction to Square Roots
Before Moving On To Algebra, Check Out Some Fun Math Tricks & Other Stuff
Introduction to the Beginnings of Algebra
Since you've finished the above sections, perhaps a little break would be interesting before moving to Geometry. Is REAL Time Travel Possible? What you've learned so far will help you with this one.
A Very Basic Introduction to the Beginnings of Geometry
A Few Things About A Straight Line and The Slope of A Line

And, for some additional credit...

Additional Credit 1 - About Different Number Systems

Additional Credit 2 - All About Pi

Additional Credit 3 - All About Phi

Additional Credit 4 - An Introduction to the Fibonacci Numbers

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