Bending Water

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So, how does this work? The following pictures will provide a very high level answer.

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The below 2 items are just theories at present - no one has proved them. But, they are VERY interesting to consider. Do your own research on these things. I think you will enjoy what you discover.

1. The Great Pyramid of Giza (in Egypt)

It is a fact that the Great Pyramid (a.k.a. Pyramid of Khufu) is built over an aquifer (reservoir of water).

The theory is that the Great Pyramid was actually an electronic transmitter. And, that as the Nile River ebbed and flowed, the movement of the water rubbing against the earth there created large amounts of static electricity. The construction of the pyramid was such that it collected the electricity, amplified it, and transmitted it through the air.

The stones from which the pyramid was constructed have electric properties which, in combination would make this feasible.

Take a close look at the above picture. See how the one "ramp" goes way beneath ground to just above the limestone and aquifer layers. That, according to the theories, was the primary "collection point".

2. Nikola Tesla's Tower (a.k.a, the Wardenclyffe Tower)

Nikola Tesla "invented" alternating current, among other things. But, he is more famous for putting forth the concept of "free electric energy" for everybody. And he had a working model of a tower that did just that.

Take a look at the picture of the tower and compare it to the picture of the pyramid above. They both exhibit the same basic architecture.

Notice that both are built over aquifers and both have a tunnel/shaft going down to just above the aquifer.

Did Tesla "rediscover" what the ancient Egyptians knew thousands of years before? No one knows for sure.

Tesla was finaced by J. P. Morgan, a very weathy man of his day. But, Thomas Edison, who was focused on "direct current", persuaded J. P. Morgan to stop funding Tesla. Why? Becuase Tesla wanted his invention's results to be free for all - or, there was no money to be made with Tesla. As a result, Tesla's concepts and projects were abandoned.

Tesla died financially broke although his "alternating current" is the type of electricity we all use today. Even worse in some respects is that all his research & notes on his invention that would have provided fee energy to all has been lost. No one has been able to duplicate his work.

Turns out that Edison was not a very nice man, didn't really invent much himself, but took credit for his employees' efforts because Edison owned the company, and waged a constant legal battle against Tesla.

Look this stuff up. VERY INTERESTING!

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