On our trip to Las Vegas we met up with Rich & Catherine for a few days of city exploring and hanging out.

We all stayed at the Venetian - the hotel was fabulous!

Below are several views of the hotel:

Ceiling of a hallway leading from the lobby.

The hallway leading from our room.

One view of the 'canal' inside the hotel. The 'sky' is painted.

Cyndy and I on St. Mark's Square in the hotel.

Cyndy gambling.

Yet another ornate ceiling.

CLICK HERE for a panoramic view of 'St. Mark's Square'. Remember, this is all inside the hotel.

While at the hotel there was an exhibit on Da Vinci. Besides models of his mechanical inventions there was a presentation on the restoration effort on the 'Mona Lisa'. As part of the effort photos were taken of the painting using a 240 mega-pixel camera. Below is a comparison of the 'Mona Lisa' as it hangs in the Louvre in Paris and the restoration result.

The following are various scenes fom "The Strip" in Vegas:

We went to see Cirque du Soleil's 'Mystere". Some of what they did was absolutely amazing. CLICK HERE to see part of the show.

The below several pics are of The Mirage Hotel's exhibit presenting a tribute to Siegfried & Roy. Within the exhibit are dolphins and some of their lions and tigers.

Rich & Catherine also visited the Siegfried & Roy animal exhibit and got some great videos of the animals there. Click Here to watch.

OK. On to the rest of "The Strip":

Here's Cyndy's mandatory picture of a "Coke" ad (Clearly, this is more than just an "ad") - we get one on every trip we take.

Why they built these two buildings on a "slant" we could not figure out. Did we ask? Of course not.

CLICK HERE for a panoramic view of the lobby and casino at 'Paris'. Again, this is all inside the hotel.
OK, to finish up CLICK HERE for some comic relief - I and Cyndy ride the mechanical bull at Gilley's located in Treasure Island. (NOTE: It's harder than it looks like it should be!) The "actions" of the bull are controlled by an operator.