Dick & Cyndy Go To Egypt - 2008

October 19 - November 4

Crossing the Atlantic

At The Kiev Airport (They say "Keeve")

Our First Hotel in Cairo

The Aswan Dam

Nothing much to see here - just a road over water.

A Monument at the Aswan Dam

Mig-21s Playing at the Aswan Airport

At Abu Simbel

We take a Felucca ride on the Nile

We start our 4-Day Nile River Cruise from Aswan to Luxor

Our first stop on our ride "down" the Nile is at Philae's temple

Our next stop is at Kom Ombo to see the Ptolemic Temple built in honor of Horus & Sobek

The next stop is at Edfu to see the temple of Horus

Allan & Suzanne

Dennis & Linda

We set sail again for Luxor

Scenes along the Nile River

We go through the locks on the river

Sunset on the Nile

We are at Luxor

A day trip to the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings

Scenes from inside the tombs

A day trip to the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

A day trip to the Temple of Luxor

A day trip to the Temple of Karnak

Alfred E. Newman was alive 4,000 years ago

"So it is written, so shall it be done!"

The "Sitting Room" at our hotel in Luxor

The "Bar" at our hotel in Luxor

The gardens at the Luxor hotel

We return to Cairo for the Pyramids & the Sphnix

We visited a large Mosque. All the women there seemed very interested in anything we had to say.

Suzanne speaks with the young ladies in the Mosque

Two of the many outdoor cafes around the main marketplace

Think there's any smog in Cairo?

Cairo with the Pyramids in the background

The Khan el-Kahlili marketplace in Cairo

The first part of our trip is over. We now head off to the desert & the Bahariya Oasis

We go 300 miles into the desert - staying at an Oasis

We visit the Black Desert & the White Desert

A waystation on our way out to the oasis

In and around our "hotel" in the desert

An Internet Cafe in the Desert - there was cell phone service 300 miles out in the middle of nowhere

Out here they like to "dress up" their bikes. These bikes are made in China and cost about $400 new.

We climb a big hill to watch the sunset in the desert

Cyndy captures our initials in the floor of the Black Desert - its name comes from millions of lava rocks that litter the desert.

Cyndy with our desert guide, Ahmed

One of the many large sand dunes we encounter - the sand is like a soft powder and REALLY hard to climb

View from the top of the sand dune

One of the places we stopped for lunch

Waiting for lunch to be served

Where we went 4-Wheelin' in the desert

We get the 4x4 stuck

We spent the night in a section of the White Desert, sleeping outside in sleeping bags - this is the area. It looks like snow. But it is really mineral deposits - sort of chalk like

Some of the many mineral-formed structures

Our armed guard, driver, and desert guide

Setting up the site where we'll sleep & eat

The armed guard takes a "hit"

Dick and the guys around the campfire

Breakfast is served in the desert

We return to the Oasis and go camel riding

Dickie of Arabia

The desert shadows of us on the camels

We visit Alexandria - a medieval fort, the new library & the ancient "small library", i.e., The Daughter Library

Inside the "Daughter Library" - don't know what happened to the picture

We return to Cairo

A night view of the Nile from The Ramses Hilton

Cairo has some "lovely" garden settings. The below few pics are of the area surrounding the Egyptian Museum and our latest hotel

Views from our hotel room

The alley way to our hotel

The entry way to our hotel

The elevator

However, the people who run the hotel were SUPER. They are "Ady", Mostafa, and Abdallah. They soon became like "family".

BTW: we were the only guests at this hotel

Next & last we are off on a day trip to Saqqara (i.e., the Step Pyramid), the Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid.

Picture of a collapsed pyramid taken from way up on the Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid

Going inside the Red Pyramid

Finally, we say goodbye to our new friends and to Egypt

Observations & Recommendations on Touring Egypt