! Cyndy's & Dick's Cruise !

January 15 thru January 19 - 2004

(Dick's Birthday Present from Cyndy)

Aboard Ship :

Here's our ship; Royal Caribbean's "Enchantment of the Seas".

Cyndy in front of the ship

We dine with our ship-dinner mates; Ray & Jeannette and Lowell & Kate.

We give good pose.

Similar to the one directly above. These were taken after the "formal" dinner service.

Cyndy liked the pool deck.

Dick passes "napkin folding" (There was a REAL class on this).

Cyndy, of course, also passed. (She also passed "towel folding").

Dick is served his birthday cake (of course, he's already eating one dessert).

Here we are with Clinton. He took care of us and watched over us.

This is the trio, "Rag Time". We were their best fans and, most of the time, they played to us and us alone. By the way, what happened to the pianist?

Key West :

Dick in front of an old, dilapidated boat.

Dick (again).

Dick and Cyndy at the same spot as the 2 pics above.

Cyndy at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Dick shows off at "Crabby Dick's".

Cyndy & Dick at Jimmy Buffett's place.

Cozumel :

Cyndy at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cozumel.

The following pics are from our "go" at the "BOND" ( Breathable Observable Nautical Device). This cool toy is like a motorcycle that goes under water. You don't need any scuba gear and the view from its "bubble" is super.

The following pics are of fish and coral taken (obviously) underwater.

Cyndy on our way back from the BOND ride to the ship.