! Costa Rica Trip June 2003 !

The following are various pics of the Arenal Volcano

If you look closely you can see smoke from lava coming out of the top. At night you can see the red lava flowing down the sides. Except for the volcano pics that are really up close, the rest were shot from our hotel room.

The "smoky" looking things on the left side are lava flows.

Below are pics from the horsie ride

This horsie seems to like crossing water.

That's Cyndy in the upper right of the pic.

Various pics of Dick & Cyndy

Believe it or not, I'm holding the "national symbol" of Costa Rica.

A butterfly garden at the lodge.

The road up to Arenal Lodge is only 1.9 miles from the main road; however, it's VERY winding and NOT paved - takes mucho care & time to drive up. To give you a perspective, the road distance from the airport to the lodge is about 60 miles. It takes 3.5 hours to drive there - REALLY fun roads to be sure.

We both did these slides, or "zips". The cables are 130 feet from the bottom.

Advertisement for the "zip" rides.

Various views from inside the rain forrest

The white looking thing in the upper middle is a bridge about 200 feet above us.